About Us

Simply Great Soaps was started with one goal in mind, to hand make quality bath and body products for our customers and to help them explore and discover new things.  The storefront opened in September 2013, but my interest in bath and body products began long before that.  Without driving 45 minutes to the local mall, there really wasn't anywhere to get good quality products.    

I started with production in my home, using my husband and son as guinea pigs (believe me they loved it!).  Before I knew it, I was selling my products to more than just my friends and family.  They were telling their friends.  Now I have a storefront and a wonderful place to make my products.  Come by the shop to stop and chat, and get some product!  
About me.... I am a wife and mother of two kids, two cats, and four dogs.  Sometimes we add chickens to the mix as well.  Who doesn't love fresh eggs?!  I come from a family of entrepreneurs dating way back.  My Dad has always farmed and has also created a successful beef jerky business.  My husband, son, and myself all help in the beef jerky business.  Soap making is something I do on the side in my down time.  It is very relaxing to make all the products.  I am not a crafter but I am a creator and I love making soap products. Come try my products or you can order online!
Our address is 703 Main St. Paris KY and our phone is (859) 988-1118.  You can also fill out the form below and we will get right back with you.

Made in the Usa
No animal testing
Highest Quality