Bath Bomb Struggles

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WOW!  There are so many different people making bath bombs now.  You may think I would be offended or concerned about my bath bomb sales.  The truth is there are so many different ingredients you can use to make bath bombs.  I love seeing bath bombs made by different people and companies. 

I would like to tell you about my bath bomb journey.  Let me tell ya it has been a rough one.  Very rough... it's still rough at times.  I visited a shop in Florida that had the most beautiful bath bombs you have ever seen.  I thought man I need to start learning to make these because I love them and I knew you would too. So I get back to Kentucky and start doing research... lots and lots of research.... on how to make these beautiful bath bombs.  I find a recipe I like and buy all the ingredients.  Later that week my ingredients arrive and I am ready to start making them. Sounds easy huh?  Yeah that's what I thought too.  All of my bath bombs were crumbly, wouldn't stick together,  had bumps on them, just a total wreck.  So I tried several more times and even bought a pre-mixed bath bomb base.  Still nothing worked. 

Later that year or maybe even two years my husband and I flew all the way to Arizona for a soap conference.... yes a soap conference with all kinds of lovely soapy friends.... and one of the topics was making bath bombs!  I mean how exciting is that?  I sat through the class and the speaker (Holly Port) made the bath bombs so effortlessly.  I was so excited that I went back to my hotel room and ordered all the supplies that I would need.  We fly back home and I have all my ingredients ready.  I make the most beautiful bath bombs that you have ever seen.  They were so perfect and pretty and smelled so nice.  I laid down for a nap and woke up to look at my precious baby bath bombs that I worked so hard on.  They were all bumpy which meant they had all activated! Bumpy bumpy bumpy!  I mean really! 

Another year went by and I finally got a solid bath bomb with no bumps, no cracks, and no crumbles.  When making bath bombs you have to take into account so many different things.  For instance you can't make bath bombs if it is going to rain that day.  The humidity in Kentucky is way too high for that.  The humidity has to be perfect for bath bomb making.  Who would have thought about that!  You have to have the right combination of wet and dry ingredients.  Too much wetness and the bombs will start to fizz.  Not enough wetness and the bombs won't stick together. 

So with all that, you see why I am excited to welcome new bath bomb makers to our club.  I know how they too have fought for the perfect recipe, the frustrations felt over failed bath bombs, and the cheering that goes on when a batch is perfect.  When you plop that beautiful $5 bath bomb in your tub.... take a moment of silence for all the failed bath bombs that left this Earth before their time. 

Bathe Happy My Friends!


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  • Holly and her staff take great pride and joy in any product they make you will never be disappointed with anything they make I would recommend this products highly two thumbs up

    Audrey Rainey on
  • This is some great insight to the struggles and victories fought and won by us soapers. Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us!

    Bath Bomber on

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